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An Update for Clients or Interested Clients for our Winter Plantsitting Service,

With fall here and cooler temperatures on the horizon, Heeman’s is preparing for the upcoming return of plants to our greenhouse with their winter ‘vacation’.  This service has been always been ‘unique’ and very popular but this coming season looks to be extra busy.

In light of the news about another local garden centre that offered a similar storage service closing it’s doors, Heeman’s has been fielding a very large number of requests from plant owners looking for a winter home for their plants. For plants that were stored with us in the winter of 2017-18, we will be reserving space for those plant ‘babies’ with us again this winter. If you stored a plant with us last winter, we will have a spot saved for it until October 20th.

If you are a new client looking to store a new plant, an existing client looking to add a new plant to your order or have a plant that we’ve stored before but not this past winter we will be accepting these plants, if space allows, starting October 24th on a first come, first stored basis.

As always, we are committed to providing a comfortable and pleasant space for each plant in our care over the winter months. We continue to run at capacity (we had no extra room last winter) and simply don’t have any extra space for any new plants. In our effort to maintain a quality of service and not overcrowd or overwhelm our 20,000 square foot greenhouse, we are not able to accommodate everyone who wishes to overwinter a plant with us. Though we wish we could…

If you have questions for our storage team, we invite you to contact us at 519-461-1416 and ask for Jane or someone on the Winter Plantsitting team. We’d be happy to go over the list of plants we store (and the ones we don’t), the pricing for plants (based on actual in store measurements, not quoted prices based on best guesses on size) and anything else you might need to know!

Here’s a few FAQ you might find helpful,

Q. When can I drop off my plant that I stored with you last year?

A. Heeman’s staff will be accepting plant starting October 1st.

Q. How are you letting current clients know of this ‘reserved space’ news?

A. You’ll have gotten an email from us with this news if we had an email address on file. Otherwise our team is personally calling of you to get this news to you (in case you haven’t read it here).

Q. What are you’re ‘receiving’ hours?

A. Our team is on hand to receive plants back at greenhouse #9 (where you picked up this spring) from 9am to 4pm. We are open 8am – 5pm Monday to Saturday in October and need time to receive and settle plants in.

Q. What if I have a plant I want stored but didn’t have in your greenhouse this past winter?

A. We’d be happy to accept it on October 24th (or later), space permitting.

Q. How will I know if there’s room left?

A. We’re taking a couple days to do inventory and space everything and you’re welcome to call us before you come to see if/how much room we have left.

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