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An Update for Clients or Interested Clients for our Winter Plantsitting Service,

With fall here and cooler temperatures in the forecast, Heeman’s is now receiving tropical plants returning to our greenhouse with their winter ‘vacation’.  This service has been always been and appreciated and popular service. In light of multiple years of being at capacity and having to turn away plants, we have made an addition to our storage greenhouse that will allow us to expand our storage capacity by over 6,300 square feet or 25% for this winter season.

As always, we are committed to providing a comfortable and pleasant space for each plant in our care over the winter months. In our effort to maintain a quality of service and not overcrowd or overwhelm our greenhouse, we may not be able to accommodate every plant that clients wish for us to store.

If you have questions for our storage team, we invite you to contact us at 519-461-1416 and ask for Jane or someone on the Winter Plantsitting team. We’d be happy to go over the list of plants we store (and the ones we don’t), the pricing for plants (based on actual in-store measurements, not quoted prices based on best guesses on size) and anything else you might need to know!

As you make plans to bring a plant back to Heeman’s, or plan to store a new one with our team, we wanted to address some common questions about how and when plants are received as well as what plants we store and the cost. Here’s a few FAQ you might find helpful,

Q. When can I drop off my plant for winter storage?

A. Heeman’s is accepting plants for storage now. We’re open to receiving Monday to Saturday. Note we do not accept plants on Sundays.

Q. What are you’re ‘receiving’ hours?

A. Heeman’s staff are on hand to accept plants Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm. This will allow our team to process them into our care before the end of their working day. Please note, plants can not be dropped off after 4 pm and we do not receive plants on Sundays.

Q. Where do I go when I come to Heeman’s with my plants for storage?

A. When you drive in, head straight back to greenhouse #9, it’s the big one straight at the end of our driveway with a large 9 sticker on it and a barn quilt on top. If you’ve picked up plants in the spring from storage, that pick location is #9.

Q. What kind of care is included in your winter storage service?

A. You can expect that we’ll check your plant in, issue it a label with a unique barcode for tracking it in our greenhouse, register it in our system and issue you a paper copy or email of the confirmation. We will inspect it for disease and insects (if they’re found this could prohibit us from accepting your plant), prune it if necessary. Over the winter we give plants a dedicated space in a greenhouse built solely for storing tropical plants with bright light and a water space with in-floor heat for heat right at their roots. They’ll be watered regularly and inspected for pests all winter as well as pruned when necessary. In the spring we’ll arrange your happy reunion. We don’t just take your plant and throw it in a dark corner of our greenhouse. This is a customized service overseen by our dedicated plant care coordinator and tropical plant babysitter, Wes.

Q. Are plants guaranteed to survive? What if they die?

A. If a plant is struggling or passes away we will notify you as soon as possible and there is no charge for plants that don’t make it. On average less than 1% of plants in our care pass during the winter. Most of these are ones that come in struggling due to age or severe frost damage.

Q. How long is the rental period?

A. Plants in storage are renting space and it runs for 8 months, from October to May. We have it for the harshest 8 months and you’re welcome to return to pick it up in the spring, no later than May 31st. When you do come back in the spring we ask that you call us at least 2 hours before pick up so we can locate your plant and not make you wait too long. As you can imagine it can be very busy with thousands of plants going back to their owners all in about a 2 week period so we REALLY appreciate you letting us know when you’ll arrive so we can do our best to have everything ready for you!

Q. What is the cost to store a plant with you over the winter?

A. The cost of storage is unique for every kind of plant. To get a rough idea (we can’t give specific costs until we see it) give us a call, 519-461-1416 and ask for the Storage team. Things we will ask you are what kind of plant is it (you might need to know the variety too), is it in a clay pot, how wide is the pot, how wide is the plant itself, is it over or under 6′? Each of these factors will determine how many prunings we give it, where it can go in our greenhouse and how much space it will take.

Q. Can I store a plant for a short time, like a few weeks while I’m away?

A. We’re sorry but our storage system is set up for long term storage. We’re unable to offer short term storage solutions.

Q. Is there a way to confirm that you’ll take the plant(s) I want to store?

A. If you’re not sure if we will store a plant that would be new to our storage service, you can call to confirm it’s on our list of plants we accept. Common plants like citrus, Christmas palms, hibiscus, dipladenia, mandevilla, oleanders, olives, bougainvillea, bird of paradise, bananas, elephant ears, figs are all plants we store. If you want to confirm before coming, call and speak with someone on our Storage team. They’re reached at 519-461-1416.

Q. When is the latest I can drop off my plants with you?

A. We will be open for receiving as long as their is room in our greenhouse and it’s not so cold that plants left outside wouldn’t already be seriously frost damaged. Usually, we’re busy checking in plants from October 1st until the 3rd week in October. After that, it’s a good idea to call us (519-461-1416) to confirm we have space and can meet you for a drop-off.

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