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The Heeman's



We love fresh, Ontario apples. That’s why we brewed up the Heeman’s Original Hard Apple Cider, so you can sip, share, and enjoy the taste of fresh, local apples with the ones you love!

Meet the people behind the cider

We love fresh, homegrown apples and now its time to
share these great flavours with our community, friends, and family.

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Heeman's Original

Heeman’s Original Hard Cider is a no nonsense cider, with the taste of fresh, Ontario apples in every sip. Enjoy this crisp, light cider with any meal.

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Available every day Heeman’s is open, starting at 9am.
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Coming Soon | 2020


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We’re a passionate team of growers and cider makers that
are excited to celebrate the flavours of home.

Meet the People Behind the cider


Tom Heeman

Tom is a man of many talents and created the first batch of Heeman’s Original Hard Apple Cider. Tom, a beekeeper and strawberry farmer plans to combine all of his passions to create unique, handcrafted small-batch ciders for all to enjoy. With a strong understanding and appreciation for the flavours of Southern Ontario, Tom looks to create a taste of place with the Heeman’s Hard Cider collection.

Susan Judd

Susan plays many roles including assisting in the cider making process, marketing, administration and is proudly the lead product tester for Heeman’s Cider! Susan’s background as Co-founder of Ride the Bine, a beer, wine & cider tour company in Southwestern Ontario and her passion for the local beverage industry reinforced the opportunity for Heeman’s Hard Cider and is ultimately what inspired both her and Tom to create something new and delicious.

Heeman’s Original Hard Cider


Available every day Heeman’s is open, starting at 9am. No limits! |  Location & Hours >

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