A Heeman family favourite for any time of year. A delicious and refreshingly easy beverage made with berries, Heeman strawberries combined with raspberries or blueberries for a great natural berry flavour.


  1. Remove strawberries from freezer and thaw for approx one hour on the counter;fresh will need to be washed, hulled and cut if large in size.
  2. Mix partially frozen/fresh berries, yogurt, and juice in blender. Mix until smooth. FYI: Will need more juice if using frozen berries than if using fresh.
  3. Serve in glasses.
  • Optional: Garnish using a fresh whole strawberry with hull.


  • Will need more juice added for blending if using frozen.
  • Yields just over 3 cups of smoothie smoothie.
  • Protein powder or Greek raspberry yogurt is an option for protien (will be thicker so consider adding additional ingredients to maintain consistency).