1. Make sauce for topping first if not using Heemans sundae sauce, by sprinkling and stirring in sugar onto chopped or gently mashed fruit.  Refrigerate mixture to bring out natural juices in strawberries or raspberries, as you want lots of juices to soak up into the pancakes.
  2. Put all pancake ingredients into a blender and blend for 1 minute plus. Let batter sit for 5 minutes prior to cooking or refrigerated overnight.
  3. Preheat skillet and cook on a greased surface (cooking spray is quick and easy) to make pancakes. Pancakes are ready to turn when multiply bubbles form and releases easily on bottom when shifted with pancake lifter.
  4. Pour fruit sauce over pancakes and top with maple syrup or whipped cream and enjoy!

Optional Toppings: We enjoy maple syrup or whipped cream. Both can also be used.

* If you don’t have any sundae sauce you can use the berries and honey combo to make a berry topping.


Oats are a naturally gluten free grain. However, most are harvested, processed and transported in facilities that also process wheat. Thus they are slightly contaminated with a trace of gluten thus celiac’s cannot eat regular oatmeal. However, special care and rigid adherence to seed source, propagation, harvesting and a processing facility specializing solely in oats and eliminating any possible cross-contamination with wheat products gives a truly gluten free oatmeal as found in “Hilray Whole Grains” oat product.

The Hill Family Farm is a multi-generational farm whose attention to quality grain production and processing that is produced on a neighboring farm right here in Middlesex county and now available at Heeman’s. You can their website,