Grass Heads Kids Craft


This Family Day we invite you to come by with your kids or grandkids for our Grass Heads craft day. This event is geared towards kids from 4 to 12 years of age. Children will be given the supplies they need to create their own grass head. Grass seeds placed on the top of the head can be watered and grown indoors to create a funky hairstyle for this cute head. Parents or guardians are welcome to stick by to help little ones. Heeman’s staff will also be on hand to assist.

Cost is $5 per child and they leave with their very own grass head that they will watch sprout ‘hair’ and grow at home in the days & weeks to come. Adults are welcome to watch or browse the greenhouse, maybe with a treat from the Beanery, while kids enjoy their class.

Register now to reserve your spot(s), there is a limit of 10 kids per time slots. Event starts at 8:30am and runs until 4:00pm with new seatings every 10 minutes. Can’t wait to create and have fun you all on February 17th! 🌱

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