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Getting the Most from Heeman’s Online Store

It’s a brave new world out there! In response to the risk to our community’s health, Heeman’s has made the tough decision to temporarily close our retail store and instead offer an online purchasing option with a choice of curbside pick up or delivery to local addresses. As this service is very new, there will be lots of questions and more than a few tweaks to make to iron out all the details. We’re responding rapidly to try and bring the Heeman’s plants, beverages and products that bring you joy. So, let’s get to the questions.



Q. Hey, why is there a minimum order amount?

A. With so many people looking to get plants, local foods and gardening supplies, we can’t practise safe physical distancing and help as many people as we could when we were open to the public. We have a fixed number of orders we can fulfill per hour, no matter how big or small. Our hope is that if you can think twice and click ‘buy’ once, it will save an order slot for someone else, who maybe hasn’t gotten their first order in yet.

Q. What if I just need a couple of things I missed on my first order?

A. Right now there’s no way to open up an existing order and add on to it. We’re working on it but it’s not possible now. We strongly suggest finding everything you need before checking out.

Q. I haven’t placed an order at all but I don’t need $40 worth of products, can I still make an order?

A. If you have a local friend or neighbour, we’ve found many people ordering together to save a trip out. We hope with all the things offered at Heeman’s you and a friend could combine on an order and save a bit of time & gas one making multiple trips out.

We truly wish we could help everyone who’s looking to Heeman’s to order plants for the garden this spring. We have all the product growing, but due to the current reality, we must act with the safety of our staff as our top priority. We sincerely appreciate your understanding as we do our best to help everyone we can get the garden or goodies they want this spring!


Q. I want to place an order and pick it up at Heeman’s, when can I do this? When are you open?

A. When you check out you will be given a list of dates and times windows to select for pick-up. Each window is 30 minutes long and you are expected to show up in the time you select. Hours of pick up are found here. Please note, you can not show up before your scheduled pick-up window. Our pulling teams are working hard to process orders and we don’t want to make your wait. But, if you show up before a scheduled pick-up we are unable to help you.

Q. I just went on your site but the item I’m looking for isn’t on here, can I still buy it?

A. We’re working as fast as possible to load as many items online as we can, but we have thousands of items to upload. Chances are our team is working to add that item to our Online Store. For some items, they might not be in stock yet. If/when they become available, they will be added!

Q. I really need my order today, can I pick-up my order the same day?

A. At check out you’ll see our pick-up windows for the next 6 days, depending on how many orders we have, you might find one that works great for you. If we’re experiencing high order volume the pick-up dates/times might be limited.


Q. I would like to schedule an order for a few weeks from now, can I do that?

A. Sorry, to best manage our inventory and ensure that flowers and plants are at peak freshness we only accept orders for delivery/pick-up a maximum of 6 days ahead.

Q. I know what I want to plant in my garden already, can I pre-order everything from you now?

A. We are unable to take any pre-orders. Our goal is to make your shopping experience with Heeman’s a great one. In order to try and pull off being a garden centre and ‘fancy-dancy’ online retailer, we can only process orders for the next 6 days.

Q. I want to place an order for a plant/product I know Heeman’s usually has or grows, but it’s not online. What do I do?

A.  We’re working as hard as we can to organize our millions of plants and thousands of other products so we can bring them to our online store. Chances are it’s too cold to plant yet or the plant you’re looking for hasn’t bee shipped in or isn’t big enough to sell yet. When plants are in stock or it’s warm enough to plant, we’ll add them to the site!


Q. I just placed an order but I forgot to add something my order, can I add on to it somehow?

A. Once an order is in, it’s in. You are welcome to make a new order but we’re unable to add on products to the same order. It’s really important to try and get everything on your order before hitting ‘buy’. If you do place a second (or third) order you’ll need to pick a new pick-up window and it might not be at the same time or even the same day as your first.

The best we can do is you can include in the Notes at check out that you just placed another order or have another order in already and reference that Order Number. We’ll do our best to try and pull them together. If we can accommodate that we’ll contact you. If you don’t hear from us, you should assume that only the items in your first order will be available when you come for your first scheduled pick-up.

Q. If I placed an order for delivery and forgot something, do I have to reach the order minimum for delivery on the second-order too?

A. Yes, just like Amazon orders placed 2 minutes apart, it’s most likely that a separate order will be delivered separately. Again, it’s really important to try and get everything on your order before hitting ‘buy’ so it can all come together and as fast as possible.


Q. Speaking of delivery, I want to get my order delivered, how does that work?

A. If you want the convenience of our order delivered to your door you can select it at check out. Orders over $50 will include a $15 charge for delivery. Orders over $100 will include free delivery. For now, orders under $50 are available for curbside pick up only. All prices are before tax. This pricing structure applies for all March and early April orders and will be reviewed for the busy spring season.

Q. So I have an order that qualifies for delivery but I can get it to accept my address, why?

A. In order to meet a reasonable standard for delivery time and ensure our drivers (they are Heeman’s staff, not a private courier) have a reasonable route for delivery, we’re limiting orders to the City of London and 16 km radius of Heeman’s. If there’s enough demand and we are able to make it work, we will consider adding more service areas in the coming days/weeks.

Q. I want to come and pick up my order, how will that work?

A. When it’s the date and time you selected for pick-up, head out to Heeman’s. When you arrive, park in one of the pre-marked slots, pop your truck with the tailgate facing the building. Call us to let us know your last name, Order Number (found on your confirmation email) and the number of your spot (ex. Smith, order 12345 and I’m parked in slot 7). A Daymaker will bring the cart with your order right to your car. We will load your order in the truck and indicate when we’re done. You can then close the trunk and head home!

Q. I’ve selected for my order to be delivered. When will it come?

A. Once we’ve received an order, our team back at the greenhouse will work as fast as possible to pick all the items and have it ready for delivery. We will deliver it on the next available van heading to your area. Our goal is to deliver within 1-3 days from the order date. The delivery schedule is subject to order quantities and we thank you for your patience as work to deliver it as quickly as possible.

Q. I don’t feel comfortable interacting with a driver at my door, can you just leave the package at my front step?

A. Yes! Our goal is to practise social distancing, so we’d prefer to leave your order right at your door. We’ll contact you ahead of time to give you a heads up when we’ll be coming by, so you can acknowledge you’ll be there to bring the order inside right away.

Q. If I’m ordering plants and they’re out on delivery, will they freeze or get damaged by the cold?

A. Our Daymakers will be bringing your order, including plants, directly to you in a heated van so there’s no risk of cold damage in transit. As stated before, we’ll notify you ahead of time that we’re coming out so you’ll know when we’re there. We’ll ring or knock on your door, leave the order on the step and leave. You can then grab it (avoiding unwanted social contact) and collect your order without the risk of cold damage.


Q. Love your hard cider, I want to have it delivered. Anything I need to know?

A. Absolutely. You will have to acknowledge you’re old enough to purchase alcohol in Ontario when you’re on our site. After that our driver will require proof of ID at the door. Sorry, we can’t drop off hard cider without confirming you’re there and seeing your ID. No exceptions. You’ve gotta be there, with valid ID. We can do this through a glass screen and our driver will have hand sanitizer with them if that helps!


Q. Can I use my Heeman’s gift card to pay for my Online Purchase?

A. Not yet. We’re working on this but our Online Store and in-store Point of Sale system that our gift card balances are stored in don’t ‘talk’ to each other. Gift cards will still be honoured in-store when we re-open. For now, they won’t work for online check-out.

Q. I don’t have a credit card, can I still pay for my order online?

A. Yes, we also take Visa Debit or MasterCard Debit cards. Sorry, at this time we don’t accept EFT or other forms of payment online.


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