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Sunday 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Monday 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
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Wednesday 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
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Pick Your Own

Pick Your Own Strawberries at Heeman's

Fresh & Locally Grown Strawberries

The PICK YOUR OWN patch is now closed for the season. See you in June 2022!

Thanks for planning a visit to our family’s berry farm!


Pick Your Own (PYO) strawberries are a highlight of many families in our neighbourhood.  We are happy to have you out to harvest your own fruit this year to experience how delicious a strawberry can be when you pick it yourself.


Before You Come

what you need to know

Before You Come


Sold by Container, not by weight

Charging by volume will allow our staff to ensure you have a great time at our farm without having to handle your picked produce.

The price of the basket is based on the value of a full basket, so make sure to choose a basket that you would like to fill! Prices do not change based on how full your basket is.

you must use a basket

No baskets or buckets from home can be used, unless they are a Heeman basket from a previous year. All basket purchases are FINAL; no refunds will be provided.

Where possible, please only visit/pick with people from your household

We want everyone to a have a fun picking experience and make fond memories. We don't want to increase your family's Covid exposure. Picking with your household will ensure your visit is a happy and safe one.

2L Basket

$9.25 each

2L Basket & Strawberries 

$8.00 each

2L Strawberries
(2L Heeman basket from home)


4L Basket


$16.25 each

4L Basket & Strawberries 

$15.00 each

4L Strawberries
(4L Heeman basket from home)


6 Quart Basket

$25.25 each

6 Quart Basket & Strawberries 

$24.00 each

6 Quart Strawberries
(6 Quart Heeman basket from home)


Ready to pYO?

how we're keeping you safe

Clean start

Use of hand sanitizer is mandatory by pickers before entering and when exiting the fields. Don't worry, it's unscented.

It's not picnic Your Own

Based on recommendations from health authorities, you must wash food before consumption especially during COVID-19. We will be enforcing a ‘no tasting’ and no outside food policy in the field.

All staff will be wearing a mask

We appreciate you bringing yours. If you don't have a mask one will be offered to you.

take care

If you're sick or feeling unwell, please stay home. Thank you for helping flatten the curve.


We accept cash, as well as debit, Visa and Mastercard. Prepayment will eliminate the need for lineups at checkout and can help you budget for your outing.

Direction cues for safe picking

Please keep 6’ distance from other pickers. Traffic flow of PYO guests will be clearly marked.

furry friends

Please leave all pets at home. As much as we love dogs at Heeman's and welcome at the greenhouse, for food safety reasons we don't permit pets in the PYO patch.

Extra precautions

We've increased our sanitization practices. Please limit what you touch.

Visit Pick Your Own

hours & Location

taste the freshness


The PYO field is located at 20298 Nissouri Rd, Thorndale, Ontario N0M 2P0.

It’s 1.5km down Nissouri Rd. (if coming off Dundas St.) just south of the Garden Centre.

PYO Hours

PYO is CLOSED for the season. See you in 2022! 

When the field is open and we have berries, the hours will be: 
Monday – Friday 8am – 8pm
Saturday & Sunday 8am – 5pm

* Field opening is weather dependent, no picking in extreme weather like lightning and hard rain. *

Berry Hotline

For daily updates on Pick Your Own Field listen to the Berry Hotline:

519-461-1416, press 2

Directions & Map

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