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Sunday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Monday 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
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Heeman’s Strawberry Farm

When you think strawberries, you think Heeman’s. Our family grows over 50 acres of strawberries available from the June through October. Drawing on over a half century of experience we’ve carefully selected strawberry varieties that deliver an unbeatable flavour deeming them worthy of being called a Heeman berry. Whether you pick your own or prefer your strawberries already picked, we know you’ll taste the difference!

Heeman’s Strawberry Farm

Pick Your Own

Heeman's is happy to welcome you to the berry fields for Pick Your Own strawberry season. We have a number of protocols in place to ensure your visit is fun and safe.
Heeman’s Strawberry Farm

The Berry Report

Read the 'berry' latest updates straight from the field and learn about what's in season, what the conditions are like in the field, get the latest on our supply and prices too.
Heeman’s Strawberry Farm

Other Produce

You didn't think we just did strawberries did you? Of course not! We've also cultivated great relationships with other premier local growers from the area to offer you the finest produce our area has to offer. All meeting our high Heeman standards.
Heeman’s Strawberry Farm

Strawberry Varieties

There are literally thousands of strawberry varieties out there but only four have the distinction of being good enough to be called a 'Heeman' strawberry. Learn about the varieties we've hand selected as being worthy of growing for you to enjoy.
Heeman’s Strawberry Farm

Handling & Nutritional Info

You know strawberries are delicious and good for you, we'll show you how good plus pass on a few tricks we've learned about freezing and working with berries too.
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