Are you an onion fan new to gardening? When planning to plant, there is always the major decision, should you plant onions from seed or set? We’ve outlined the pro’s and con’s of both to help with your decision process.


  • Planting onions grown from seedVery cost-effective
  • Slower growing because they have a shorter season
  • Tend not to form a large cooking onion due to shorter season
  • Produce a durable bulb when thinned
  • Can be started indoors and moved to the garden for a longer growing season
  • Heeman’s carries a variety of onions from seed including Red, Sweet, Spanish and Bunching.


  • Planting set onionsEasiest option
  • Can be planted earlier
  • Establish themselves quickly and are more disease resistant
  • Compete better with weeds and grasses
  • Will grow a large cooking onion
  • Produce a less durable bulb than seeds
  • More expensive
  • Heeman’s carries Dutch, Spanish and Multiplier set onions.

Ready to plant or still have some lingering questions about onions or any other plants? We invite you to come in to visit us so we can help you pick the right onions for your garden or to answer any further questions.