Many people wish to keep tropical plants, such as cannas and dahlias from year to year. If you are new to this, following these directions should give you good results.

Towards the end of the season, you will notice your plants yellowing. This is a good time to dig them up.

After digging, cut back foliage and knock off as much soil as possible (as show in image on the right) and allow them to dry outside for several days. Remove any soil left behind then place tubers in an open create or box (they need dry, fresh air) and store in a cool, dark, dry location. Dusting with sulphur will help prevent rotting.

If needed, divide tubers before planting next spring. Wait till mid-late May before planting tropicals outside

Finally before retiring them for the winter, clean, test and protect garden tools and equipment. It will make them last longer and you will avoid surprises in the spring! (No one likes starting spring with a “why doesn’t my trimmer work?”)

If you have any questions regarding fall gardening, you are more than welcome to contact any of our staff in the Garden Centre for advice or other fall gardening tips.