When winter breaks and spring starts to tingle in the air, it’s only natural that our green thumbs start to itch. We’re hungry, we’re eager, and we can’t wait to get some soil under our fingernails for the first time after what feels like an ice age. Plus, like fashionistas waiting for the newest, hottest trends to hit the runways in Milan, we also can’t wait to see what’s next to come for our gardens. Well, cue the paparazzi – here’s what’s walking the cultivation catwalk for 2019:
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Sun Sugar Tomato

Not only living up to its name but owning it, this disease-resistant yellow cherry tomato (which is actually orange when ripe) is packed with sensational sweetness. But don’t worry – there’s still just enough tartness in each bite to balance it out.
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Midnight Snack Tomato

This award-winning tomato is a master of the mirage – radiant red in the shade, but impossibly indigo when exposed to the sun. They’re also bursting with antioxidants, making them a guilt-free treat you’ll love snacking on straight from the vine.
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Redarling Brussels Sprouts

Why resign yourself to the same old green brussels sprouts your grandmother grew when you could have these red-purple jewels in your garden instead! Expertly balancing sweetness and bite, these are sure winners for putting a new twist on every sprout dish in your cookbook.
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Vates Collards

These ultra-hardy leafy greens may be short in stature, but they’re high in temperature tolerance and bolt-resistance, making them last longer through the spring and fall, for more delicious flavour all year. Vates collards are compact in size, making them a great choice for growing on the patio!
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ColorBlaze Golden Dream Coleus

If you want a bright new annual with bold contrast, this red-veined yellow coleus won’t just set your garden ablaze, it will fuel a fire in your heart, too! You’ll also love how low-maintenance it is – happy in sun or shade, heat-tolerant, with no deadheading required.
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Tangerine Punch Million Bells

For full impact colour in a low-maintenance package, this calibrachoa is a knockout for any garden this year. Their bright orange petals melt into a deep burgundy centre that will continuously bloom without deadheading so you can enjoy their beauty (and the hummingbirds they draw in) throughout more of the season.
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Double Wave Red Petunia

The colour of this picture-perfect petunia hangs a vibrant 10 on rippling waves of overlapping petals that are beloved by humans, hummingbirds, and butterflies alike. Be careful of their spreading habit, or your well-placed waves can quickly become a red sea.
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SuperCal Petchoa Series Bordeaux, Caramel, Cinnamon, and French Vanilla

The only thing that makes this expert petunia-calibrachoa cross even better is bigger and bolder blooms in brilliant new colour variations: beautiful burgundy Bordeaux, yummy yellow Caramel, spicy orange Cinnamon, and a creamy French Vanilla shade reminiscent of a vanilla latte!

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Vinca Tattoo Series: Black Cherry, Raspberry, and Tangerine

These fun and vibrant new vincas offer impeccable colour so rich it almost looks like fresh ink in stunning variations of pink-purple Black Cherry, bubblegum pink Raspberry, and orange-burgundy Tangerine. Keep their colours bold and contrasting with moderate sun to brighten without washing them out.
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Bleeding Heart Heliopsis

The first heliopsis without any yellow in it at all, the Bleeding Heart boasts a vivacious orange-red hue set atop marvellous mahogany stems. Natives to the Canadian prairies, they’re no strangers to the cold, making them a hardy perennial our bees and butterflies adore!
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Peachberry Ice Coral Bells

For fantastically fun foliage in a unique apricot-pink shade, look no further. These coral bells won’t mind our winter cold or the occasional splashes of salt from ice-melting, making them a great choice near pathways!
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Wildberry Coral Bells

If you’re looking to set the mood with a cool, rich purple accented by charcoal veins all year round, this evergreen coral bells is for you! Give them full sun or full shade, they’ll still give you brilliant white flowers that will bring in bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds galore.
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White Temptation Daylily

Soft white with yellow-green throats, these daylilies are the perfect way to keep your garden continuously fuelled with new life, with new blooms every day. Bees love ‘em, but rabbits definitely don’t, so you won’t need to worry about any wayward chomps.
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