At Heeman’s we know that there are so many great Ontario native plants for you to discover. Native plants make an excellent choice for planting in your garden for so many reasons; they’re hardy and best suited for our climate, provide a valuable food source to our native pollinators, birds and animals and are more resistant. Plus, when you select a native plant you’re helping return your space to a more natural state.

We’re proud to offer a number of Ontario native plants and partner with Carolinian Canada as a local nursery offering these Ontario native plants. Look for the table or their tags the next time you visit.

Please note this list is of the native plants we will have at Heeman’s. Many are only available seasonally or have a limited supply. If you do not find one you’re looking for it’s a good idea to confirm if it’s in stock with one of our helpful Daymakers (the ones in orange) or call us at 519-461-1416.

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2021 Heeman’s Native Plant Guide (pdf)

Ontario Native Plants Available at Heeman’s

Common Name Latin Name Hardiness Zone

Trees, Shrubs & Vines

* Balsam Fir Abies balsamea 1
Striped Maple Acer pennsylvanicum 3
Red Maple Acer rubrum 3
Sugar Maple Acer saccharum 3
Serviceberry Amelanchier spp. 4
Paw Paw Asimina triloba 5
Paper Birch Betula papyrifera 2
Yellow Birch Betula alleghaniensis Britton 3
American Hornbeam/Ironwood Blue-beech Carpinus caroliniana 5
Redbud Cercis canadensis 4
Pagoda Dogwood Cornus alternifolia 3
Witchhazel Hamamelis spp. 5
Larch/Tamarack Larix laricina 2
Spice Bush Lindera benzoin 4
Tulip Tree Liriodendron tulipifera 4
Cucumber-tree Magnoliga acumunata 3
Northern Bayberry Myrica pensylvanica 3
Black Gum Nyssa sylvatica 3
Virginia Creeper Parthenocissus quinquefolia 4
* White Spruce Picea glauca 2
Eastern White Pine Pinus strobus 3
Chokecherry Prunus virginiana 2
Red Oak Quercus rubra 3
Burr Oak Quercus macrocarpa 3
Elderberry Sambucus canadensis 3
Nannyberry Viburnum lentago 2
* Not native to our area but is native to Ontario (more north)

Hardy Grasses

Creek Sedge Carex amphibola 3
Appalachian Sedge Carex appalachica 3
Pennsylvania Sedge Carex pensylvanica 4
Rosey Sedge Carex rosea 3
Northern Sea Oats Chasmanthium latifolium 3
Switchgrass Panicum virgatum 4
Little Bluestem Schizachyrium scoparium 3
Prairie Dropseed Sporobolus heterolepis 3

Hardy Ferns

Northern Maidenhair Fern Adiantum pedatum 4
Hart’s Tongue Fern Asplenium scolopendrium 4
Lady Fern Athyrium f.femina 4
Eastern Wood Fern Dryopteris marginalis 4
Ostrich Fern Matteuccia struthiopteris 3
Royal Fern Osmunda regalis 3


Anise Hyssop Agastache foeniculum 4
Narrow Leaf Blue Star Amsonia hubrichtii 5
Snowdrop Windflower Anemone sylvestris 4
Eastern Red Wild Columbine Aquilegia canadensis 3
Jack-in-the-Pulpit Arisaema triphyllum 4
Canadian Wild Ginger Asarum canadense 4
Swamp Milkweed Asclepias incarnata 3
Common Milkweed Asclepias syriaca 3
Sullivant’s Milkweed Asclepias sullivantii 3
Butterfly Weed Asclepias tuberosa 3
Cream False Indigo Baptisia bracteata var. leucophaea 4
White Turtlehead Chelone glabra 3
Purple Coneflower Echinacea purpurea 4
Pale Purple Coneflower Echinacea pallida 3
Rattlesnake Master Eryngium yuccifolium 3
Sweet Joe Pye Weed Eutrochium purpureum 4
Wild Strawberry Fragaria virginiana 3
Spotted Geranium (Cranesbill) Geranium maculatum 3
Prairie Smoke Geum triflorum 3
Oxeye (False) Sunflower Heliopsis helianthoides 3
Dwarf Crested Iris Iris cristata 3
Blue Flag Iris Iris versicolor 3
Rocky Mountain Blazing Star Liatris ligulistylis 3
Appalachian Blazing Star Liatris microcephala 4
Prairie Blazing Star Liatris pychnostachya 3
Spike Gayfeather Liatris spicata 3
White Blazing Star Liatris spicata alba 3
Cardinal Flower Lobelia cardinalis 1
Blue Cardinal Flower Lobelia siphillitica Blue 4
Virginia Bluebells Mertensia virginica 3
Wild Bergamont Monarda fistulosa 3
Beebalm Monarda punctata 4
Obedient Plant Physostegia virginiana 3
Mayapple Podophyllum peltatum 3
Mexican Hat Plant (aka Upright Prairie Coneflower) Ratibida columnifera 4
Rudbeckia Rudbeckia hirta 3
Prairie Dock Silphium pinnatifidum 3
Smooth Aster Symphyotrichum laeve 3
Sky Blue Aster Symphyotrichum oolentangiense 3
Heartleaf Foamflower Tiarella cordifolia 4
Tall Meadow Rue Thailictrum dasycarpum 3
Large Flowered Trillium Trillium grandiflorum 4
Yellow Trillium Trillium luteum 4
Red Trillium Trillium recurvatum 4
Canadian White Violet Viola canadensis 3


Please note this list is of plants we carry at Heeman’s, but we can not guarantee that every plant listed is currently in stock. Some are only available seasonally or in limited supply. If you do not find one you’re looking for it’s a good idea to confirm if it’s in stock with one of our helpful Daymakers (the ones in orange) or call us at 519-461-1416.

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2021 Heeman’s Native Plant Guide (pdf)