Flowers add colour, vibrance and energy to a garden. In special cases they also act as defenders and promoters of improved growth when planted with vegetables and herbs. The Beautiful 8 is a collection of the top flowers you can use in your garden as companions.

The Beautiful 8

Alyssum – Pollinators can’t resist this annual. Also great for planting between rows to keep weeds down.

Amaranthus – Grows tall and strong, plant with corn to shade soil and preserve water. Also attracts predatory ground beetles.

Calendula – A natural repellant for many harmful nematodes. Great helpers of tomatoes and asparagus. Can attract slugs. Also known as pot marigolds, calendula is a popular medicinal herb which is also used in making teas, creams and motions.

Chrysanthemum – White varieties are used in the garden to help repel Japanese beetles.

French Marigold – Used commercially as a nematode suppressant, they produce a chemical that kills nematodes. Also deters whiteflies.

Nasturtium – Trap aphids, deter cucumber beetle and whiteflies. Also attracts predator insects. Great companion to brassicas, cucumbers, melons, radishes and tomatoes.

Sunflower – Can you picture ants as farmers? Ants herd aphids onto sunflowers with no damage to the plant. When planted near corn it’s said to improve yields.

Yarrow – Has a smell aphids can’t stand but hoverflies, ladybugs, and wasps that feast on garden grubs love. Happens to be a perennial.

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