Whether you’re a novice plant person or self-described brown-thumb just looking for a great houseplant that’s hard to kill, this is a list for you. These are some of our favourite houseplants that will look great in your home and are super easy to care for.

Aloe Vera

The famous medicine plant, great for helping heal burns and wounds is also simple to care for! Cutting off a piece of the leaf and applying the gel inside can do wonders for healing. For care, put in a bright spot (not intensely hot) and let dry out between watering. Water frequency depends on how dry your home is but could be 2-3 weeks between watering in winter.


You’ve probably heard how easy it is to care for a cactus; after all, they’re famous for hardly needing any water. Just plop your cactus (or cacti if you have more
than 1) in a bright warm spot and it’ll love you for it.

Chinese Evergreen

A fantastic choice as a beginners houseplants or for people who are often away. This plant can grow in almost ever condition in your home from dark to bright while also durable and tough. Don’t believe us? Next time your in a super busy mall check and you’ll likely see these thriving with hardly any natural light and people leaning on and knocking them all day long.


(aka Dumb Cane) You’ll want this place for it’s pretty foliage that adds tropical accents to your home. Over time this plant can grow to be quite tall, but don’t worry, it can take a while. Prefers medium to low light (in a room with a window is good but doesn’t need to beside it).

Dragon Tree

(aka Dracaena marginata) There is a lot to love about this plant with an awesome name. Often sold with a braided stem (several plants growing together), they can add pop of colour with a red leaf-edge, are one of the best plants for purifying your air and don’t need too much water. In fact, like most plants on this list, it’s easier to give it too much vs. not enough water. Place in medium to bright light room.


(aka Super cool succulent!) I know some of you might think these aren’t easy, I’ve killed mine before but it can be really easy. Success with succulents is about giving them lots of light (they stretch if too dark) and not too much water. People often over-love their echeveria. Gently squeeze a leaf and if it’s firm, don’t do anything. Only water if the leaf is soft (or when really dry wrinkled). Some varieties change vibrant colours if stressed for water or in intense heat.

English Ivy

An elegant trailing plant that’s great in baskets or in pots that it can drape over an edge. The classy foliage is timeless and with a little luck you’ll have it for years. Likes to have moist roots and can grow in medium to sunny spots.


A indoor classic, with tough and durable leaves that hold on to water like a succulent. Slow growing, you can keep it for years, even decades without it growing too big. Make sure to put your jade in a bright area so it doesn’t stretch looking for light.

Peace Lily

Looking for a houseplant that flowers but can survive and thrive in a room with hardly any light? Look no further. You’ve probably seen these in homes; they have pretty white flowers with dark green leaves. Super simple to grow, they like low light and low humidity – perfect for Canadian winters. Trick to keeping them flowering, fertilize once ever 2-3 months, and keep in a room that’s not too bright but with enough like to read a book.


Considered to be a fantastic introductory houseplant, this plant can grow in low light or bright indirect light, it can handle being drier but also grow in a vase of water. With trailing vines covered in marked foliage, they’re not only durable but pretty too. A classic member of the philodendron family.

Snake Plant

(aka Sansevieria, Mother-in-law’s tongue) Whatever you call it, this plant is pretty amazing. Experience a renaissance in popularity right now, probably because one of the most dead-simple plants you can grow. Perfect for people who love long vacations, they thrive when forgotten. Doesn’t require watering often, likes to be root-bound and can handle low light conditions too. Love this plant!

Spider Plant

If you like the look of this plant, you’ll adore how simple it is to grow. This plant ranks as one of the all-time easiest and best to grow. Green centres with variegated edging, the spider plant gets its name from the little pups or ‘spiders’ that shoot out from the plant. If you remove these and pot them, they’ll root new plants. Also pet friendly!

Umbrella Plant

(aka Schefflera Arboricola) A fast-growing plant that can thrive in your home for years. Easy to keep maintained by trimming any growth that gets too large. For this plant when it comes to watering and fertilizing, less is more.

ZZ Plant

(aka Zamioculcas zamiifolia) The plant that’s hard to pronounce that it is to grow. Just call it a ZZ Plant (Zee-Zee), put in a room and let it be. Seriously, they look and feel like plastic and require only a bit more love than a plastic plant. Great in almost no light to indirect light you can go weeks without watering this guy and it’ll still love you unconditionally. Get one!