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Weekly Features
2 for $25!

Beyond Blue Fescue

Perennial. 1-gallon pots. While supplies last.
Weekly Features

Venus Fly Trap

The amazing carnivorous plant!
Weekly Features
2 for $25

Minuteman Hosta

One of the most in demand hosta varieties. This shade dwelling perennial can tolerate sun as well. Reg. $14.99 While supplies last.
Weekly Features

Fire Light Hydrangea

Exceptionally hardy, produces large flowers in early summer that age into red colour. Low-maintenance and easy to grow, great for “black thumbs.” Grows 4.5-6′ tall. 3-gallon pot.
Weekly Features

Sensitive Plant

Great for kids, leaves close when touched. 4″ pot.
Weekly Features
2 for $30

Zebra Grass

A thriller in the landscape. This perennial grass grows up to 6+’ tall and has bright lime green/yellow bands to make it stand out. 2-gallon pot, reg. $17.99 While supplies last.
Weekly Features


Looks like a watermelon, size of a grape, tastes like a cucumber with a citrus kick! Great for growing in garden or pot with a nice trellis. Fast growing! 3.5″ pot.
Weekly Features

Rapunzel Tomato

Grows extra long strings of fruit, up to 40 cherry-sized tomatoes on a single truss! 1 gallon pot.
Weekly Features

Mini Love Watermelon

A compact watermelon! Great for small gardens, even grow in a large container if you have a trellis. Juicy and sweet, each plant can produce up to 6 fruits! 3.5″ pot.

These featured items and sales are for the week of May 17th to 23rd. Check back later for our next featured items! Find more great prices and plants in store at Heeman’s.

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