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Heeman’s Guarantee

It is our aim for you to have the satisfaction of a successful garden experience with everything you purchase at Heeman’s. Plants are live perishable goods that require care in order to thrive. Gardening is a learning experience and we’ll all have success mixed with a little failure! Remember, if you are struggling with a plant in your landscape, come in and see us so we can help diagnose the problem before you lose your plant. Bringing photos and leaf/stem samples with you can help us properly assess the situation. That’s what we’re here for. We’re unable to diagnose plant or landscape issues properly over the phone. In order for us to make the right prescription for you, we need to see samples and photos of your plants in-person and ask you a series of questions so we can get you and your plants back on track. Please visit the Service Desk for all returns.

Receipts: You must have a receipt with you when returning any product. Did you register your purchase with us by giving us your phone number? Then good news! We keep a record of all your purchases made under your account. If you lose your receipt, we can pull the original transaction up in our system. Not registered with us? This is a great reason to register the next time you come in!

Shrubs at Heeman's are guaranteed

Our Guarantee

Our plants are guaranteed to be true to variety and essentially free of pests and disease at time of purchase. We guarantee our evergreens, conifers, deciduous shrubs and vines for one year from the date of your purchase. Guaranteed plants will be exchanged for like material if it is in stock, or for store credit if the same material is not available. All plants are replaced only one time. You must bring the plant to be replaced back to the store at time of return.

Please note rhododendrons, azaleas, clematis, wisteria, roses and rose trees from date of purchase to October 31th of that year. Sorry, shrubs and trees purchased on sale are not covered by our guarantee.

Naturally, this return plan cannot cover damage or death beyond our control, such as improper planting, over or under watering, insects or diseases and winter kill or other weather extremes. Should your plants develop a problem or disease call or visit us quickly for advice. We would prefer to help you save your plants before you have to replace them. No one likes to start over! Dead plants (for diagnosis) must be returned to the store before any adjustments can be made.

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