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Cool Treats & Delicious Drinks

Whether it’s cold or hot outside, at Heeman’s, we have something that will warm you up or cool you down.  That’s because we’re servin’ up the good stuff at our Berry Beanery.  Next time you visit, drive past the coffee shop and forget that ice cream parlour.  Make the most of your experience by enjoying a freshly prepared sundae or coffee by getting it at the Beanery!

Seasonal Winter Menu

Fresh Peppermint Tea     $4.00 / 36oz pot   $1.90 / cup
Gingerbread Latte     $4.25 / 12oz   $5.00 / 16oz
Peppermint  Mocha     $4.25 / 12oz   $5.00 / 16oz
Ginger Tea     $4.00 / 36oz pot   $1.90 / cup

Coffee     $1.90 / 12oz   $2.40 / 16oz
Tea     $1.90 / 12oz   $2.40 / 16oz
Hot Chocolate     $2.50 / 12oz   $3.00 / 16oz
Berries & Cream Latte     $4.25 / 12oz   $5.00 / 16oz
Latte     $3.75 / 12oz   $4.25 / 16oz
Honey Latte     $4.00 / 12oz   $4.65 / 16oz
Chai Latte     $4.00 / 12oz   $4.65 / 16oz
Chai Tea Latte     $3.75 / 12oz   $4.25 / 16oz
Cappuccino     $3.75 / 12oz   $4.25 / 16oz
Mocha     $4.00 / 12oz   $4.65 / 16oz
London Fog     $3.75 / 12oz   $4.25 / 16oz
Americano     $2.75 / 12oz   $3.25 / 16oz
Flat White     $4.00 / 8oz
Espresso     $2.25 / shot   $.50 / extra shot

Pop & Water     $1.25
Kombucha     $5.25


We dare you to find a more unique and colourful spot to enjoy a fresh cup of your favourite coffee or tea.  Heeman’s is proud to be brewing fresh, locally roasted, Fire Roasted Coffee at our Berry Beanery.  Our team of ‘Berristas’ are also eager to prepare your favourite espresso based drink as well, from lattes to cappuccino, flat whites to our signature Berries & Cream.

At the Beanery we serve fair trade coffees and offer a variety of specialty teas to choose from.  Iced options are available and milkshakes are served while fruit is available!

Heeman's strawberry sundae

Sundaes & Shortcakes

Our world famous in Middlesex County sundaes are made with our (not so secret) ingredient, our sundae sauce!  Select your size, sauce and ice cream preference.  Our sundaes are made with vanilla ice cream but we also have chocolate.  Frozen vanilla yogurt and lactose free, sugar free ice cream are also available.  We cap that all off with strawberry or raspberry sauce, made here, from our own fresh berries.

If you love shortcake, we have an extra special treat for you. We start with a moist vanilla cake, top it with Chapman’s ice cream and ladle a generous portion of sundae sauce on top.  Divine!

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